Automation department

Programming PLC controllers

The automation department is responsible for comprehensive software development for the manufactured equipment. We are experienced in servicing machines and equipment in PLC industrial controllers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Fanuc, etc. We manufacture machines forming independent, autonomous production tools as well as machines and production lines operating under control and production management system at the production facility.

HMI and Scada software

Visualization software for HMI and Scada workstations that provides a direct human interface to the machine is created in panels such as Siemens, Proface, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, etc. The software is developed in close consultation with the Customer to maintain the machine and production line standards and at the same time to facilitate efficient production on the machines we deliver.

Sensors and components

As part of the project, we implement support for all types of component presence detectors, vision systems, barcode readers, service of automatic screwdrivers, servo drivers, pneumatic-electric valve modules and many other equipment of leading companies for the production of cars, heavy industry and other branches of industrial automation.

They trust us

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