Within the scope of our company we develop technical documentation for the electrical installation, control and Measurement Instruments and Automation. Every project is started from the concept through executive design ending with inspection during implementation of the investment. We also select the optimal solutions and equipment and prepare the summary of the proposed materials. Projects are developed using professional engineering software that supports the design process and document management (through Maintance departments in production facility).


Our company offers professional relocation of machines and technological lines. We provide all necessary work from dismantling by transporting and assembling along with a full launching in a new location. We also cooperate with companies with professional equipment – forklifts, self-propelled platforms etc. and only with proven experienced transport companies.


Experienced group of fitters is responsible for prefabrication of power supply cabinets. Prefabrications are comprehensively carried out, starting from the purchase of materials based on projects provided by the customer or developed by our design department, through assembly, electrical measurement to final delivery and launching. We insist on quality of work, clear marking system, tests and validation control.


We are responsible for design, assembly, programming and launching machines and equipment for individual customer orders. The whole design and production process is carried out using professional engineering software and assembly equipment. For the construction of machines we use components and equipment that meet the very high industry standards. During the production process we are constantly consulting on proposed and optimal solutions for individual customer orders.


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